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    Wilden's Murderer Comes Forward? "Pretty Little Liars" 4x08 Recap


    by ClevverTV

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    Mona has once again totally SHOCKED us in the newest episode of Pretty Little Liars. But before we get there, let's recap a bit! This ep, titled The Guilty Girl's Handbook, really revolved a lot around Hanna's mom getting sent to jail. And right after we see Hanna get pretty angry at Mrs. Hastings for not getting her mom the 'get out of jail free card' AKA just getting bail, it looks like Hanna is crafting her own way to break Mrs. Marin out. She's quite happy to see that Mona has taken her up on her offer... Hanna says that she needs help from Mona -- Hanna is ready to - WTF - confess to the murder of Officer Wilden, just to spare her mom. Mona seems proud and pleased when Hanna tells her that she's the only one able to live in a lie. Intercut throughout the episode, we see these old partners-in-crime practicing the confession over and over and over again. Moving on, Aria is having issues with Mike since the rents aren't around... he's apparently having trouble with the guys on his team, but he's been hitting up the martial arts studio with Jake -- and he's kind of acting like an idiot. Moving on to Emily -- she's reinspired to apply to colleges and when she meets up with her old supervisor from her volunteer days last summer -- and she gets so much praise from Zoey that she might leave again next summer. The news causes Emily's mom to get seriously EMO and she basically loses it. Spencer is the final PLL to recap this episode. She steals a confidential police report about the death of Toby's mom and she undergoes her own investigation back at Radley -- realizing that Wilden was probably pretty crooked since he changed his report from what actually happened to Mrs. Cavanaugh. It's hilarious when her mom's cute attorney intern whispers to her about returning the files -- not making a huge deal out of it, but Spencer ultimately just gives it to her mom and says that the Radley "suicide" may show that the officer was up to no good -- and ultimately it might help her case in representing Hanna's mom. CUT TO the shocker and the real meat and potatoes of this episode... Mona walks into the police office saying 'I'd like to speak to a detective -- about a murder" -- and we all find out at the end of the episode that MONA confesses to killing Wilden. WTF times 8. That's absolutely insane -- but hey, she did tell Hanna that she would do anything to proect Hanna's mom. And she smiles creepily at the girls before answering Qs. The black hooded person starts drilling holes underneath a porch... do you have any clues as to what this is about?? PS: Who else wants to see Insidious 2?! Gotta love some product placement in there! Alright, so that's our PLL recap for "The Guilty Girl's Handbook" -- what did you think? What moment was your favorite? Post a comment below and subscribe to ClevverTV for PLL cast interviews, photo previews and more. I'm Dana Ward -- thanks for tuning in -- bye!

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