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    The Coolest Book Test Ever by Nathan Kranzo - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    This is just awesome. -Shaun Dunn Paper Crane Magic
    Your new Book Test is amazing -Erick Olson
    I cant imagine an easier method. You literally have to know and remember nothing -Joel Tate
    Why is THIS the Coolest Book Test EVER
    Totally examinable.
    EVERY page has a revelation.
    Secret so well hidden theyll never find it.
    NOTHING to memorize.
    Perform it INSTANTLY.
    Do it as a design duplication.
    Can be performed over the phone.
    Will allow you to perform the CLEANEST version of the Hoy Book Test ever
    Can be performed along with a BORROWED book.
    The Coolest Book Test Ever is more than just one book test. It is DOZENS of book tests wrapped into one seriously potent mentalism weapon.
    You can literally present it and perform it so many ways its impossible to tell you all the ways in just a few moments.
    Ill try
    You can do it ONE on one. For a small group. For a group of 40. For a group of thousands
    You wont have to ever memorize anything ever
    It is a tool that allows you present the classics of mind reading like Telepathy Remote Viewing Design Duplication Prediction Direct Mind Reading Clairvoyance Coincidence and ON and ON
    Here are just a few examples....
    Direct Mind Reading
    They choose a book and a page at random. You ask them to read a line or two from the page and as they do from across the room you slowly start to reveal details until its obvious that you are reading their mind
    Tossed OUT Book
    You can toss the book to anyone and after choosing a random page and reading a line they can hand it to another person who turns the page and reads the first line or two and then that person passes it on....and so on. After 3 or 4 people have read lines from the book you can immediately reveal all of their thoughts in a stunning crescendo of impossible revelations.
    Perform it as an example of Tepepathic powers. They look at a page of their choosing at random. You immediately start to