Forbidden by Alan Chan (DVD) - Magic Trick

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In this DVD all routines are card effects which can be performed with a regular deck of cards. As a performing magician for more then 9 years Alan has creative insight about card magic that he shares in this DVD.
Alan performs and then explains in detail the following 6 effects
Named Deck A Joker with a corner cut off is used to find the spectators selected card. The Selected card and the joker swapped places magically The selected card now has a corner cut off while the joker becomes a normal card
Hypermind Magician shows a deck with names of people written on the back of every card. Spectator chooses 2 cards and the total will add up to a selected card which matches the prediction by the magician.
When the card is turned face down the name on the back of the selected card is the spectators name As a final kicker the remaining cards are revealed and magically in sequential order in black and red Aces to Kings
Satellite Moon A deck is shuffled and then later mixed up by the spectator. The 2 stacks are later revealed that they are in the same order of each other.
Visual Exchange 2 random cards are lost in the deck. The cards appear on the top and lost in the deck again. One of the cards jumps to the top and upon the spectator inspection the top card has switched to the 2nd random card.
Interchange 2 cards are selected lost and shuffled into the deck. Surprisingly when the shuffling stopped the 2 cards act as indicators where the black and red cards are separated.
Teleport Matchbox Matchbox is shown empty. When the magician shakes it a coin appears. When the box is closed and the match stick is lit the coin has disappeared in the box Everything is examinable by the spectator