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    Let's Watch: Equestria Girls (Part 7)


    by WholeFingShow

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    By Narrator0073 years ago
    For a sequel, I would rather go with human Lyra going into Equestria. Then it would totally make sense why she talks about humans and wishes she had hands!
    By Narrator0073 years ago
    @Narrator007 Hasbro's newest tagline: "We're Hasbro. We know what kids like" GET DAH FUQ OUT.

    I don't think mindless zombies have the ability to pass Kindergarten. The concept of a single file line is surely lost on them. Also, wouldn't sending ALL of them through the portal upset the balance of the alternate world, like Celestia said? Unless she was being a lying, pasty-ass troll. I wouldn't put it past her.


    The animators have ALWAYS been good with facial expressions. Sometimes, for me, the funniest parts of episodes is just the characters' faces.


    Welp, you just said that pun. I can't fucking believe that you just used that pun. Bravo, good sir. Ye gods....I mean, that is a pun the GOD of face-hurting excerpts would come up with himself....just, bravo....

    THAT was an unintentional pun, but even so, that "ruff" pun is god-tier and shall never be defeated. NEVER.

    I still am totally behind the Equestria Girls TV Show. Pretty sure there isn't going to be one, but if there isn't, that sequel idea would be a worthy substitute. The human I would pick for such a quest? DIAMOND TIARA. Why? BECAUSE IT'S DIAMOND TIARA. It just MAKES SENSE.
    By WholeFingShow3 years ago
    1:16 You know, for kids!

    2:51 "They can't all fit through the portal." What never heard of the concept of single-file lines before?

    4:35 Notice that after Rainbow Dash gets her wings, she never stops flying until shes loses them.

    6:03 I love the faces they make while looking at the crater, especially Twilight's quizzical "how could she have survived that?" look.

    7:04 "Love me tender." On the contrary, Spike probably likes it 'ruff'. :)

    8:12 It's like you read his mind!

    8:52 "I was like 'oh that's pretty dark, Luna." Ha ha, very funny.

    9:04 "Come back and visit!" Even though this was supposed to be a one-time thing, now that you mention it... the portal opens once every 30 moons, so that DOES leave open the possibility of a sequel someday. It might be fun to see the concept in reverse, how one of the humans would react to becoming a pony stepping into Equestria.
    By Narrator0073 years ago