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    Let's Watch: Equestria Girls (Part 6)


    by WholeFingShow

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    I didn't even have a quarter of my fries done by the time the movie ended. Because I was too busy watching Sunset Shimmer turn into the lord of the crab people. Good idea, on my part.

    I'm getting mixed signals about the pink one....on one hand, she makes me happy, but on the other....seems she does it at the worst time, making me feel that she wants me dead. I feel like I'm in a Kill Bill movie.

    Them hippie kids, ya never know what they're thinking. I'd assume they'd just invite Twilight to go to Woodstock with them because they don't know what "anger" is.

    Shady Daze? It doesn't really LOOK like him....but you MAY be on to something....oh well, it doesn't matter. All that matters is FEATHERWEIGHT WILL LIVE.

    Sunset Shimmer is afraid of her true self....I'm sure Snips and Snails would not judge her...but they share half a brain. But THOSE BOOTS ARE THE BOOTS of a woman who does not know which way to turn in life! Just like in The Castaway! YEAH! JUST LIKE IN THERE!

    That's why I usually record AFTER I eat. I myself got pretty annoyed, and this was MY commentary. It won't happen again, and if it does, the Norwegian gopher lord takes me out. want fries with that? I agree. Although, and I'm being SERIOUS here....Twist should've won.

    NOPE. Your original comment is still here. Not sure if that's a glitch or not.
    By WholeFingShow3 years ago
    I accidentally deleted my last comment. I'll repost the best part.

    8:23 It was Sunset Shimmer, in the courtyard, with the sledgehammer. *Opens envelope* ...NAILED IT!
    By Narrator0073 years ago
    0:00 This is why I said that with Pinkie Pie, every question is a trick question. She already knows everything. Whenever she asks a question, she's really only testing you.

    1:14 Spike is always right. The world would be so much better if we just always listened to Spike.

    2:06 Good idea to get that meal out of the way before Sunset's transformation. You might lose your appetite after that.

    2:30 ...although, it is a bit dangerous to attempt to eat or drink anything when Pinkie Pie is in the area.

    2:54 "We should hug tress not tear them down" I wonder what the eco-kids would think if they knew Twilight lived in a hollowed-out tree.

    3:04 If the guy on the ladder is supposed to be Featherweight, maybe the guy holding the ladder is his successor, the colt promoted to staff photographer in his place?

    4:11 Actually, she closed the door while she was still in the closet. With Snips and Snails. Not sure what to think of that (but I'm sure a dozen different fanfic writers will fill in the gaps for us).

    I hope you don't plan to eat much in future videos. It actually started to get really annoying after awhile.

    7:24 I really like what they did here. By doing the expected when we were expecting the unexpected, they surprised us. By going against the cliche of an obvious buildup leading to an unexpected result, they actually MADE the expected unexpected.

    8:23 It was Sunset Shimmer, with the sledgehammer, in the schoolyard. *Opens envelope* NAILED IT!
    By Narrator0073 years ago