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    Adolescents Set Fire to Police Station to Visit Friend in Jail

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    Two teenagers were recently arrested after going to great lengths to visit a friend in jail.

    Not every ‘bad boy’ can become a criminal mastermind.

    Young teenage boys definitely don’t fit the bill.

    In a bizarre report, two boys aged 13 and 14, have been accused of purposely setting fire to a Royal Canadian Mounted Police station.

    The reason they started the blaze was because they wanted to get arrested so they could visit a friend in jail. All three boys are members of a youth gang, where the males get together one day a week for destructive and sinister purposes in a ritual which they call Bad Ass Sundays.

    In the most recent incident, the two teenagers allegedly picked the lock of the police station by using a paper clip and a match and lighter to torch papers and the rear of the structure.

    Cops quickly caught up with one of the boys who reportedly confessed to the joint arson .

    A law enforcement spokesperson stated “If they're willing to burn down an RCMP detachment to come hang out with their friend, I'm concerned about what else they'll be willing to do to bring themselves back to jail.”