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    Firefighters Save Family Dog From Burning House

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    Firemen at the city of Naples Fire Department rescued a family dog from a burning house. Firefighters were able to pull two dogs out of the home, but sadly one didn't survive.

    Firefighters don’t just save human lives.

    Recently, Firemen at the city of Naples Fire Department recued a family dog from a residential home which was engulfed in flames.

    The human occupants of the house were not there during the fire, however their 2 dogs were. Firefighters were able to pull the two pets out of the home.

    The 7-year-old dogs named McCoy and Baxter, were given oxygen via a specially crafted animal mask. Firemen even performed CPR on the dogs, however after five minutes, it was determined that Baxter had died.

    The resuscitation efforts continued on McCoy for approximately 10 minutes and eventually he began wagging his tail. A firefighter noted “Without the mask we could have used a normal re-breather mask, but this has a seal and you’ll see it, it has a rubber seal so the whole mouth and nose can go inside. The dog can get 100 percent oxygen delivered to them.”

    Neighbors who watched the rescue efforts disagree, labeling the firemen as the lifesaving, dedicated heroes. An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the fire.