Growing Up in a Musical Family House Blend: Nate Shoemaker & Shoemaker Brothers on House Blend TV Show with Stephen K. Peeples About a Musical Childhood

Brad Butler
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Growing Up in Musical Family: Nate Shoemaker, being interviewed with his three brothers that on House Blend TV Show with host Stepehen K. Peeples on SCTV, talks about growing in a musical family and how they performed as children, in various outfits, to fund their continuing classical musical education. The Shoemaker Brothers have created a very unique sound and all four brother write their own original music, sing their own songs and they all switch instruments on every song. They play the cello, violin, viola along with everything else.

Each Shoemaker Brother can play multiple instruments, such as guitar, piano, drums, bass, violin, and during a concert they are constantly switching roles, which brings freshness to each song that range from folk type ballads to high energy rock, from an Irish-Celtic type of sound to soul searching songs that paint a lilting picture of pain and hope. Sam, who served as a Marine in Iraq and participated in the massive Fallujah Campaign, in some ways is a de facto leader but the band actually comes as close to a true democracy that one can find. When sitting down to chat with all four Shoemaker Brothers, a feeling that all of them basically know what all the others are thinking or are about to say comes across.

Loyal fans and musicians love the band and their gigs are well attended throughout Southern California. The Brothers draw large crowds at all the major venues and are booked and re-booked constantly. They have played Whiskey A Go Go, The Roxy, Canyon Club, World Fest, Camarillo Festival, Oak's Music Nights. They have also opened for major acts like Little Feet, Loggins and Messina, Los Lobos, Canned Heat, all this in one short year. For an unknown band just arrived in Los Angeles this kind of progress in such a short time is phenomenal.