Saran Wrap Sledding

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Overall we had four injuries while making this video. No one died so the video was a success!
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Download the song here: My good friend wrote the song and is giving me the rights to it.
The Song is "Place to Be" by Can't Stop Won't Stop.

Get inside my brain! Check out my blog:

We shot this using 4 cameras (I know..crazy). We used a Fastcam, a RED Epic, a 5D Mark 3 and a 60D. The two scariest parts were when we almost broke the Epic, and when we were headed straight toward the Fastcam station ($250,000 worth of equipment) and were trying to slow down. That's the really cool shot where the dog is running after us.

Producer/Director: Stuart Edgington

Editor: Kaitlin Snow (Yep! The Mistletoe Girl. She is an amazing editor.)

Camera Operators: Tyler Stevens Shane Rickard Mark Weiler.

Mark Weiler is the owner of the Fastcam and RED Epic. He rents his equipment does an amazing job at operating it.
Here is his contact info:
Mark Weiler
Hopscotch FX
youtube channel info

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UPDATE: The page didn't stream at all ,, try this version ~
Par AllysonWallace86884 en mai
UPDATE: high quality movie is playing at this url
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