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    Let's Watch: Equestria Girls (Part 1)


    by WholeFingShow

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    LOL Rarity would fuck in her crown?! XD
    By LovingHappinessLast year
    @Narrator007 Is there ANY way to reply to comments on Dailymotion? Because it doesn't look like it.

    I actually DID have an intro in the original video, but I didn't think uploading that intro here was a very good idea. I could've combined it with part 1, but I'm just very lazy. But yes, there WAS an intro. I will upload to YouTube by itself, because there's no way THAT would get copyrighted.

    I can imagine Twilight tokin' a BIG OLE marijuana lead.

    Nope. No crown sex for the marshmallow. I'd imagine that would puncture her acute fluffiness.

    Of course they were. Meghan McCarthy is a fucking pervert. LOOK AT ALL THE SHORT ASS SKIRTS AND THIGH HIGH BOOTS IN THIS MOVIE.
    By WholeFingShow3 years ago
    Thanks for leaving this up on the DM!

    How come you go straight into watching the movie without introducing yourself first? It feels a bit jarring. You also seem to lack any sort of opening line for other watches/reaction videos back on YouTube.

    1:10 What do you think Twilight's drug of choice would be? If Dash = stoner, Pinkie = cokehead, Twilight = ?

    1:22 As Top Gun taught us, flying is the easy part. Landing is the real trick.

    1:30 There's probably r34 of that already, but I'm not brave enough to do any research on that hypothesis.

    3:08 I wonder whether the writers and storyboard artists were aware of the concept of "wingboners" when they made this scene.
    By Narrator0073 years ago