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    JJ Redick's abortion contract with Shaq's ex-mistress explained

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    JJ Redick was a fresh face with the Orlando Magic in 2007 when he faced his first rite of passage, a paternity battle with a gold-digging hottie. Vanessa Lopez claimed Redick was the father of her unborn brood. Redick and his lawyer disagreed but offered a compromise. Redick committed to date Lopez for one year or give her $25,000 if he got sick of her early. In exchange, Lopez agreed to abort her baby, which the contract stipulates Redick was never the father of in the first place.
    Thus did JJ Redick learn the perils of being a pro athlete with an active dating life. What started as an innocent attempt to capitalize on his fame by engaging in noncommittal sex with many anonymous partners turned into a nightmare of having to continue to deal with people he slept with, and learn their names.
    For her part, Vanessa Lopez went on to have sex with and subsequently sue Shaquille O'Neal in a case which her own lawyers eventually declined to argue, and which a judge threw out.

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