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    Johnny "Frat" Manziel kicked out of Texas frat party

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    Johnny Football Manziel had quite an eventful weekend at the University of Texas in Austin by getting kicked out of one frat party and rocking a Tebow jersey to another one.

    Manziel apparently stopped by a frat party at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house sporting a pink golf shirt on Friday night with a couple of friends. One person tweeted a picture of Johnny drinking a can of Keystone Light. According to SB Nation's Texas site, Manziel was "quickly and harshly" kicked out of the event. A short Youtube video shows Manziel leaving the party and someone chucking a can of beer at him that misses. In the video, someone can also be heard yelling, "get the f--k out."

    Saturday afternoon Manziel was back at it again, but this time at the Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) house for the Fiji Island party. Johnny Football was sporting a Tim Tebow Jets jersey as well, which people were also kind enough to put onto Twitter.

    Manziel took to Twitter on Sunday to reply to some of his haters that were tweeting about his weekend activities. Manziel sent out a tweet saying, "Last time I checked double digit win columns and championships are what matters." Manziel also thought it important to let everyone know that he has 400,000 followers on Twitter. Now that really is an accomplishment that someone should be proud of...not really.

    Wonder what the Phi Gamma Delta party would have been like if the real Tim Tebow would have shown up instead of the Johnny Manziel knock off version?

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