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Like its predecessor, Virtual Families, Our Dream House takes us away from the tropical island setting and drops us into the typical suburban family home. That in itself isn't a bad thing—I'm a big Sims fan and as such, I've spent hours puttering around in a virtual house.

The problem here is that Our Dream House doesn't give me a whole lot to do. The game started by having me “adopt” a house-holder (am I the only person who thinks it's bizarre to adopt a fully-grown adult?).

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After rejecting a paralegal, a pastry chef and a travel agent, I settled on a 25 year old artist named Brunino who immediately started making demands. “I want a wife! I want a vacation!” I responded by dragging his butt to the desk and putting him to work. Me, take orders from a tiny, pixelated man? That'll be the day.


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By Mélissa Pezinà April

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