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    Countdown to Doomsday (preview)


    by CindyPDX

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    Countdown to Doomsday originally aired early 2006. It is about what could cause Doomsday on Planet Earth, can we prevent it and what about the future? It goes over the 10 threats, and 10 solutions:

    10 Volcanoes
    9 Alien Attack
    8 Robot Rebellion
    7 Mass Extinctions
    6 Solar Flares
    5 Terrorism
    4 Global Warming
    3 Gamma Ray Burst
    2 Pandemic
    1 Deep Impact

    And recently in the news Jan 17 2007:
    Two Minutes Closer To Doomsday?
    Scientists Push Forward Doomsday Clock Amid Fears Of Nuclear Weapons And Global Warming

    Nuclear, climate perils push Doomsday Clock ahead
    Source: Reuters