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Today on the net, activists in Egypt protesting against both the army and Islamists. Campaigners in Finland seeking a change to the country’s copyright legislation. And a company is asking for web users’ help in funding a hover board.
Egypt: ongoing protests against army and Muslim Brotherhood
Dozens have been killed in Egypt over the past few days amid ongoing clashes between supporters and opponents of Mohammed Morsi. And whilst the Muslim Brotherhood has been staging demonstrations calling for the reinstatement of the ousted President and the army is urging the people of Egypt to protest against terrorism, a third voice is also trying to make itself heard.
Yes, this small group of Egyptians gathered in Sphinx Square in Cairo’s suburb of Giza on Friday to protest against the Islamists and the army. They handed out flyers describing the Muslim Brotherhood’s politics as “religious fascism” and say they are highly concerned over the army’s return to the political scene. The movement, called “The Third Square”, is calling for a quick transition to civilian rule and, as some say, reflects the expectations of the “silent majority”.
Many Egyptians have indeed decided to stay well out of the power struggle between the military and the Islamists. Film maker Aalem Wassef for example, who has produced a music video in which he is shown doing his laundry at home whilst pro and anti-Morsi demonstrators fight in the street.

The movement is starting to gain significant ground on social networks. The “Thi... Go on reading on our web site.

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