Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra - Hush-A-Bye


par kspm0220s

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I rarely post waltzes, but due to the many victims after the distressing rail accident earlier this week, I felt it was appropriate to post a soothing, comforting tune. Jean Goldkette (1893–1962), born in Valenciennes (France) spent his childhood in Greece and Russia and emigrated to the US in 1911. He led many jazz and dance bands, of which the best known was his Victor Recording Orchestra of 1924 – 1929, which included, at various times, Bix Beiderbecke, Hoagy Carmichael, Chauncey Morehouse, Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, Bill Rank, Eddie Lang, Frankie Trumbauer, Pee Wee Russell, Steve Brown, Doc Ryker and Joe Venuti, a.o. In 1927, Paul Whiteman hired away most of Goldkette's better players. Goldkette later helped organize McKinney's Cotton Pickers and Glen Gray's Orange Blossoms, which became the Casa Loma Orchestra. In the 30s he left jazz to work as a booking agent and classical pianist. In 1939, he organized the American Symphony Orchestra which debuted at Carnegie Hall. He moved to California in 1961, where he died in 1962. This lovely tune was recorded in 1926. Vocal by Frank Bessinger.

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Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
Thanks a lot for your appreciation, Jack. Investigations are continuing and we all hope for the best possible outcome for those involved in this and other tragedies, as since then, several other disasters happened, including the bus accident in Naples. The world is going through times, and I hope this little tribute might shed some light in the victims' and their beloved one's darkness of sorrow.
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
Very nice tribute to those involved in recent tragic events. There was a news video here of the Spanish train going off the tracks just as it hit a sharp curve at unsafe speed. A surviving American whose wife was killed was interviewed afterwards. Investigations are to follow so I understand.
Par Boston Blackie l'année dernière
Par kspm0220s il y a 2 ans
Indeed Genia, I was very upset but in my country these events were prominent in all media. Besides a few Americans are among the victims too... Thank you for your sincere wishes to all those who are deeply suffering.
Par kspm0220s il y a 2 ans
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