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    THE WOMEN OF LA (DJ Lubel) [lyrics ENG Subtitles]


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    THE WOMEN OF LA (with DJ Lubel, Pauly Shore, Jaleel White, Dennis Haskins)

    Why would a guy ever want to move to LA? And did he just say the rent is cheap??
    Just in time for Valentine's Day, DJ Lubel has a parable as old as time.

    DJ arrives in Los Angeles, California after years in Murray Hill (New York City) to discover he's got no chance of getting laid. DJ quickly meets The Women of LA — the good, the bad, the hot, and the ugly. Celebrate 2013 Valentine's Day alone...or better yet with the girls from West Hollywood, Venice, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Los Feliz, and more.

    It's a tale of two cities, two coasts, and two dramatically different types of women, all delivered through that tried-and-true genre of nerdy Jewish comedy rap. Unlike most schlubby comedic rappers, the lyrics Lubel is spitting hold some truth as to why it's so hard to get laid by L.A. women. Kudos, as well, for the top-notch production value and awesome cameos.


    Created, Written and Produced by DJ Lubel & J. Abrams
    Directed by Brandon Kusher
    Track Produced by Will Forbes
    Visual Effects by Ryan Wehner
    Additional Vocals by Taryn Southern, Pam Trotter, Phillip Brandon and Jaleel White
    Mixed and Mastered by Nicky Calonne
    Cinematography by Matt Garrett, Andrew Penczner
    Co-Produced by Jeffrey Baldinger
    Line Produced by Alex Wolf
    Associate Produce Nick Justicz
    Music by DJ Lubel