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1st Generation Live @ 93.5 K-DAY "Krush Groove", Gibson Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA, 04-29-2011 Pt.1

il y a 4 ans205 views

Seldomly has the forthcoming release of a West Coast album been so widely anticipated & so expectated- with the exception of one "Detox" of course! Two singles & accompanying visuals later & several sold-out live shows later. Still no set date for a debut album...
In the meantime, Sir Jinx offers another hour-plus onstage & backstage documentary!
Further information @ http://www.kuruptgotti.com/ or http://www.kingtla.com/ or http://www.locoentertainment.com/ or http://www.mceiht.com/ or http://www.uneekmusic.com/