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Little Monsters: Lady Gaga has had one insane week, so we're recapping it all right here including her new nose piercing and details on her new song for TLC! Welcome back to ClevverMusic you are of course watching "What's Up With Gaga?" Let's get right to it, we got a lot to cover. We learned yesterday July 25th that the legendary girl group TLC would be releasing not only a biopic on VH1 but also a Greatest Hits album on October 15 featuring a new song written and produced by Lady Gaga! A demo of Gaga singing the new song titled "Posh Life" hit the web and we're literally salivating at the new Gaga tune. The piano ballad clearly showcases Gaga's vocals with uplifting lyrics that start with, "He went to them, they turned away/ He just wanted something to eat/ A place to love, a place to pray" and the chorus inspires with the lines, "We live a Posh Life/ We're nothing but our leather and our dreams/ You gotta trust in the future of us, believe". It does appear Gaga channeled TLC in the song and we also hear a hint of the their classic track, "Unpretty". We absolutely cannot wait to hear TLC sing the new Gaga track when it hits later this year! In other Gaga news, her makeup artist pal Tara Savelo filmed Gaga getting her septum pierced on her nose! Watch as we see Gaga still makeup-free holding perfectly still as the piercer works his magic. We love that the video is set to thumping electronic music- nice work Tara! The piercer Steve Bennet shared this photo of the final product on his Instagram. Now let's recap what else happened this week: thanks to the photographers we got a sneak peek at Gaga's upcoming V Magazine shoot showing a completely nude and gorgeous Gaga. From gorgeous to rich, this week Forbes revealed Mother Monster is the top-earning celebrity under 30, beating out Justin Bieber at 2nd place. And what would a Gaga update be without some ARTPOP news? This week Tara Savelo revealed the first single will be "APPLAUSE" in a photo posted to which sees Gaga painting on a canvas with the word "APPLAUSE" at the top. How do we know it's the first single? The caption to the photo read "26 Days" which counts down to the announced song release date, August 19th. And finally, MTV announced what we already suspected: Lady Gaga will perform her new ARTPOP single at the VMAs in Brooklyn on August 25th! Yesterday Gaga showed her excitement about the show by retweeting a fan on Twitter that said, "EVERYONE LOVES A VMA COMEBACK". Phew, that's it for this week Little Monsters! Check out the link to the Gaga "Posh Life" demo below and tell us if you think this is a perfect TLC song or should it actually be on ARTPOP? Thanks so much for watching ClevverMusic, Misty Monster signing off.