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    Karl Malone Turns 50 and Buys a Mule

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    Former basketball player, Karl Malone just turned 50 years old. As a present to himself, Malone purchased a mule.

    We all like to splurge on our birthdays and spend money on our favorite things. But some of us take it to another level.

    Take former basketball player, Karl Malone for example. He just turned 50 years old and as a present to himself, Malone purchased a mule.

    His wife, Kay Malone stated “Instead of being the athlete and walking everywhere, he got himself a mule. I think he’s listening to his body more. He’s preserving himself more. He wants to be able to do things with the grandkids.”

    Although the Hall of Famer is spending more time at home than on the court these days, the 50-year-old still works out several hours a day.

    On top of exercise, his other passions include hunting, hiking and fishing, which is probably how the decision to buy the mule came into the equation. Walking through the forests of Louisiana and Arkansas looking for game was one of his favorite hobbies since his mother first taught him how to do it.

    What's the craziest thing you've ever purchased for yourself?