3 Countries That Have Unique Ways of Curbing Obesity

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Obesity is a worldwide epidemic. On top of the standard weight reducing mechanisms like exercising and dieting, here are 3 countries that have unique ways of curbing obesity.

Obesity rates are increasingly in many parts of the world. Here are 3 countries that have introduced unique ways of curbing the problem according to New Republic.

Number 3 - New Zealand prohibits overweight immigrants’ entry. The country's immigration website noted “People with a high BMI of over 35 are not likely to meet health policy due to the long term health risks associated with obesity.” The ban was reportedly put into effect because New Zealand cannot afford the additional health care costs of immigrants who are carrying around too many pounds.

Number 2 – Japan’s obesity rate is on the lower end of the spectrum at 3.5%. That may be because Japan uses legalities to control expanding waistlines, literally. Since 2008, a law has been in effect, according to which women are allowed to have a 35.4 inch waist while men get to have 33.5 inches. Those who break the law are forced to attend counseling programs.

Number 1 – In China, needles are the weapons of choice in the fight against obesity. Acupuncture has been used in the country for hundreds of years. Acupressure points in the legs and ears are said to target the stomach area which in turn, aids in weight loss.