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    How your children can make chocolate meringue kisses


    by BroadcastExchange

    There are many reasons why we should get our children into the kitchen, kitted out with an apron on and a wooden spoon to hand. Not only is it great fun for your little ones and brilliant bonding time with the whole family, but teaching your kids how to cook is very educational and can teach them many lessons about nutrition that they can use in later life.

    But how do you teach your children how to cook in a fun and kid friendly way? Well, luckily for us, Sue Quinn has published the Kids Only Cook Book which inspires children of all ages to get busy in the kitchen! With 50 simple and fun recipes with easy-to-follow captions, your little ones will easily be able to follow and as well as learning how to cook, also learn culinary techniques.

    Watch our video where our little helpers will show you how to make chocolate meringue kisses!

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