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    Distraught Dog Owner Threatened With Fines and Jail Time for Putting Up Flyers

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    A devastated dog owner in Marysville, Washington is being punished for putting up flyers in an attempt to find his beloved pet. 34-year-old Shawn Slater is looking for his female dog named Nanna.

    34-year old Shawn Slater from Washington is desperately looking for his beloved Rottweiler dog named Nanna. To make things worse, Slater is being threatened with jail term and fines for putting up flyers in an attempt to find his 3-year-old female dog.

    Nanna went missing from Slater’s home after celebratory 4th of July fireworks exploded near the backyard. She escaped through a fence and her dog tags were ripped off. Flyers were put up in the nearby vicinity for the missing canine, attached to utility poles and city property.

    However that is actually considered illegal. Police authorities began calling Slater and threatening to throw him in jail and fine him $250 for putting up the signs.

    Nanna is more than a pet to Slater who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. However, after obtaining Nanna, who is also a certified service dog, his problems essentially melted away.

    Slater stated “Nanna figured out when my seizures were coming and she held me down when seizures happened . Since she’s gone, I’ve been on a large regimen of medication that I wouldn’t have to take if she was here.”