Vibrating Bicycle Seat Encourages Women to Exercise

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There’s a new bicycle seat device out there that can make adults look forward to pedaling away. A company has created a vibrating seat cover, known as the Happy Ride.

Many people hate the idea of getting on their bike and pedaling furiously for exercise.

If you are a woman, relief is on its way!

A company has created a vibrating seat cover, known as the Happy Ride that is geared towards women. It encourages females to ride a bicycle and get some serious satisfaction out of the exercise.

The padded contraption slips over a standard bike seat. Comprised of a black nylon fabric exterior, the discreet covering holds a high powered vibrator on the inside.

A controller is attached to the Happy Ride seat, which allows the user to adjust the vibration speed and intensity. The controller can also power the vibrator on and off.

SexShop365 is the store behind the racy seat cover. A spokesperson at the business stated “Thanks to the UK’s cycling boom and the building obsession around next year’s Fifty Shades Of Grey movie, both adult toys and cycling are firmly on the public radar.”

There is a concern as to whether the vibrating device could serve as a distraction while maneuvering through busy streets, which could potentially lead to cycling accidents.