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    Rumors that Beyoncé's upcoming 5th album is heavily delayed are SO FALSE, here's the real deal. Thanks for watching ClevverMusic every day for your music news, hi guys. This week the Hollywood Reporter claimed Queen B's upcoming album had rejected over 50 song submissions and was starting over from scratch, and lacked a "direction" or theme. Well, accusing Jay-Z's wife of poor musical direction just does not fly. In January we told you that Beyoncé was working on the album and had collaborated with Pharrell, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake and Dream. Rumor had it the album was set to drop in Spring with a '90's R&B vibe. Beyoncé's camp has now shot down the rumors set by The Hollywood Reporter that Beyoncé is super behind, telling E! News that Beyoncé never actually scheduled a release date and has been busy recording songs while on the road. Other rumors charged that her label Colombia, is growing jittery over the new music but Bey's rep also shot that down. Let's cut B some slack as she has been performing at the Super Bowl, doing Pepsi Ads, H&M ads, charity work, traveling on her Mrs. Carter Show World tour and raising lil baby girl Blue Ivy. She's been busy. And it's not like Beyonce hasn't gifted her BeyHive some new songs... "Grown Woman" debuted in her recent Pepsi Commercial, not to mention "Bow Down" has been performed on her tour, "Standing on the Sun" was heard in her H&M commercial, and she's heard on Jay Z's album on a few tracks as well. So let's be patient and hope for a royal tune really soon. Her fifth album will follow 2011's "4" which was her lowest selling album yet, so no doubt she wants to make this next one absolutely perfect. Tell us what you think of Beyonce's new song so far and what do YOU expect from her new album? I'm Misty Kingma your music host and I'll see you soon right her on ClevverMusic.