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    Nelson Mandela's Face Sculpture Protrudes From Mountain

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    In an effort to celebrate and honor Nelson Mandela, an architectural firm wants to create a sculpture for Mandela in Cape Town.

    In an effort to celebrate Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday, a Dutch design firm WHIM Architecture has proposed a design to create a memorial for him in Cape Town.

    The design is essentially a sculptural building resembling Mandela’s face that will rest on the side of a mountain.

    The company is trying to raise funds on for this project.

    An editor at WHIM stated “A monument will teach all next generations about Mandela who gave his life for justice and show his heritage.”

    The designers are considering a size of about 100 feet wide by a little less than 200 feet high. Inside of the Mandela head, the building will reportedly house a terrace, educational area, congress center, restaurant and theatre.

    Visitors get to see panoramic views of Cape Town and the coast.

    With a vegetation façade on the exterior of the structure, the building appears to be green. Sky solar panels provide not only the building with energy, but also local neighborhoods.

    What do you think? Do you like the design?