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    If you live in the Gaga Universe, today is no ordinary day. Lady Gaga has revealed her first "ARTPOP" single is called "Applause". Clap Clap. Hey Little Monsters here's a Gaga update for you here on ClevverMusic. Fans have been waiting literally years for Lady Gaga to release an official new single and on August 19th "Applause" will debut. How do we know this? Thanks to Gaga's trusty pal and makeup artist Tara Savelo posted a photo Tuesday night on her verified account, which Mother Monster "Liked". The photo posted sees Gaga painting with a palette and brushes in her lap with her other hand on a canvas. On the canvas simply the word "APPLAUSE" is written in all caps across the top in red. The all caps continue the trend of the "ARTPOP" title, which Gaga has said must always be written upper case. And further confirmation of this being the lead single off "ARTPOP" is in Tara's caption on the photo saying, "26 Days". Which is in fact a countdown to August 19th which was already announced as the single release date. How do we know that is Gaga sitting there? Well she posted this no makeup pic two days ago on her account, showing the same new black hair and a fresh face. And what about the canvas, is this possibly the single cover artwork? The blank canvas that is ARTPOP is beginning to fill, Little Monsters! We'll have to wait and find out. But there's more! Late last night Gaga posted a hand drawing on her Little Monsters account with the caption, "Documented this album/app ARTPOP project in a series of notes and books, with visual ideas and sketches thoughout. I take this book everywhere." The photo from Gaga's sketch book previews supposed lyrics from the new song, "If only fame had an IV, baby I could bare being away from you, I found the vein put it in here." To us, these definitely sound like Gaga lyrics, singing about fame, love and blood all in the same line. The final line in the drawing points to Gaga in a bird cage next to a large animal among stick figures, which we presume are Little Monsters. Tell us what you think of "Applause" being the first single, I mean we thought it was "TEA" before, right? Thanks for watching and thanks for commenting here on ClevverMusic. I'm Misty Monster see you soon with more Gaga news.