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    The Newer Hollywood ($$$$$$$$)

    Feezy Dee

    by Feezy Dee

    I just recorded this July 24, 2013 then promptly uploaded IT for the view of the world!-I Am An International Video Superstar!!!-LOL!-$$$$->Hafdav3000@Facebook, Myspace, AOL, Dailymotion, Twitter, and Youtube-$$$->Fee-Z!- and Yall Can Have A Refill, Yall Can Have A Refill, A Re-EE- EE A-Re-EE-EE-Fill, Yay EE Yay EE Yeah eh eh Yeh Yes, Yes->In A Manly Singing Voice,........... By The Way-LOL!, Yall Don't Have To Get It All Twisted, I am Prolific, and Multi-Gifted-Thank You-Ou-Ou-Ou-Ou-Ou, Thank You Lord!-Peace!