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    City of Spendors App Review iOS Android FREE MMO Strategy


    by jojopetv

    App Review for the MMO Strategy game, City of Spendors. Available on iOS and Android for FREE

    iOS -
    Android -

    City of Splendors is an independently developed 3D cross-platform massively multiplayer online strategy game. It can be played on the Android and iOS. Burrowing from dozens of fantasy sources, the game takes players through a wartime campaign, in a world of forgotten myth and legend. These forces have awoken to roam the face of Troon, you must fight your way through wave after wave of monsters to reach your goal.

    **Strive to control this artistically rendered fantasy world!

    -The City of Splendor employs a high quality 3D Graphical interface!

    -From the moment you enter the game you will discover the dizzying heights and terrifying abysses of this world.

    -Once you've got a taste of this game, we know you will come back for more again and again.

    **Enter the fray of battle!

    -Wage war on your foes in realistic battle formations and structure your army to defeat any foe

    -You're quest is long and you must destroy many foes to reach your goal!

    -Forge alliances, discover the depths of your allies bravery, but be wary of their treachery.
    **Create Guilds and Alliances to compete worldwide!

    -Join a thriving world filled with people from all over the world, find friends and battle foes!

    -Test your mettle in the Gold Mine for a chance for head to head battles, compete intellectually with the Union Quiz and the Union Competition.

    -Find your place in the world and fight your way to the top!

    Disclaimer - This is a paid review, but does not affect my opinion if the review of the app/game.