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    Beijing Then/Now: Seat Of Power

    Tony Guida

    by Tony Guida

    This is the last clip (Part 11) of our China - And How! adventure. It covers 10/24-27/2011.

    In brief, this clip covers: the Beijing Metro, the Back Lakes Hutong, the pandas of the Beijing Zoo, a brief stop at a pearl factory and showroom, the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City. Also, since we didn't have time to revisit The Great Wall, some of our best photos from our last trip are shown at the end of the video. (I don't think Wall it has changed much since 1999 - though we and Beijing have. The city keeps spreading closer to the wall designed to keep invaders from reaching what once was the boundary of the Chinese Empire).

    Happy viewing, tony.

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