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    Injuries Involving Children and Falling TVs Increasing

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    A new study found that falling television sets are sending one child to a hospital room every 30 minutes on average.

    For most American families, it's hard to imagine life without television today.

    A new study which delved into emergency room records has found that falling television sets are sending a child to the hospital room every 30 minutes.

    Between the years of 1990 and 2011, the number of children injured from falling TVs has increased an astounding 125 percent.

    The senior author of the research project stated “A child’s dying once every three weeks from a TV tip-over. The numbers are going up. This is a call to action. These are 100 percent preventable injuries.”

    In 2011 alone, 17,000 injuries were reported involving televisions landing on kids.

    According to the study which was published in the journal Pediatrics, two thirds of the adolescent injuries occurred in children under five years of age.

    Experts urge parents to utilize anchoring contraptions, including straps and braces to make sure the TV or stand is securely mounted without any room for movement. It is also recommended to not store remotes or toys on top of televisions, so children won’t be tempted to climb and ultimately pull on the sets.