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    Samar meets Advocate Mahendra Swaroop regarding the sale of his House


    by WildFilmsIndia

    Samar meets Advocate Mahendra Swaroop regarding the sale of his parent's House. A scene from the feature film - 'Duvidha'.

    This is a feature film project directed and written by Mr. Sharat Kumar, for Ahiranya Films of which he is the director. Please direct any trade inquiries for commercial distribution of this new film venture, to us. All territories and rights are currently available, for Duvidha.

    Set in the 1990's, Duvidha reflects the unsavoury condition of our society, and of its political, bureaucratic, and administrative structures. These situations pose a sharp contrast to the spirited mood of society fired by the inspirational leadership of Gandhi in the1930's, which is presented through 3 flashbacks.

    Saroja, an intelligent woman, caught in a thorny marriage, comes to live in a big house in the early 1990's to look after an elderly relative who lived alone. His wife, Rukmini, a dynamic political leader in the 1930's had died in 1942. Inspired by Rukmini's life, Saroja aspires to emulate her.

    The film begins after the death of the elderly relative when his son arrives from Delhi to take charge of the house. Saroja is haunted by the fear that notwithstanding his father's wish to use it for a social cause, Samar may sell off the house, and that would terminate all her dreams. In desperation, after she tries everything including seduction to prevent the sale, she makes a false 'Will' and claims the ownership of the house.

    The two protagonists are now at war. As Samar struggles to checkmate her and she fights on, both of them, curiously enough, begin to see each other with positive feelings; she, for the decency of his moves, and he, for the tenacity with which she resists his actions. The story has an unexpected ending, but their travails represent the turmoil of the times so dissimilar to the dignity of Rukmini's life.

    This is a story of two strong willed women who lived in the India of the 1930's and the 1990's. One, in 1930's, led a socially and emotionally fulfilling life that symbolizes the mood of a period that was ethically rich though materially poor. The other life, in the 1990's, is tortuous, reflecting the material greed and confused ethics of the post independence time."

    About the film:

    This is a 140 minute feature film shot in 35 mm cinemascope. This film received Certificates of Special Merit at Film Festivals at Strasbourg and Philadelphia. It was accepted at the Bruxelles Film Festival, and has been pre-selected at the Granada Film Festival.

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