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    Divorce isn\'t only option to have the marriage of your dreams!


    by VideoproFile

    Marriage Counseling Dallas:  Melody Brooke, MA, LPC, LMFT

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    Divorce isn\'t only option for marriage of your dreams

    Are you experiencing more distance with your partner?

    Are you having more fights than you used to have?

    Are you not making love as often?

    Are you thinking about stepping out? Maybe you\'re worried that your partner is stepping out.

    I have some good news. Contrary to a lot of traditional viewpoints, you don\'t have to get a divorce to have the marriage of your dreams. 

    Sometimes the thing that keeps people from coming in to get couples counseling is fear of losing control. The reality is that insistence uncontrolled is addiction to the fantasy. We can\'t control anything. We certainly can\'t control other people and most of the times we can\'t even control ourselves. 

    When you get into a fight with your partner, isn\'t there always an element of blame? You feel blamed. You