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    Nicki Minaj proves once again she is the reigning goddess of twerking, this time in a swimming pool. Hey guys thanks for watching ClevverMusic every day! On July 18th Nicki Minaj took advantage of Instagram's new video tool to post a black and white clip of her twerking her booty, halfway submerged in a pool! Take a look at the video now. Nicki's devious laugh after she twerks is just hilarious, and not to mention sexy! Ms. Minaj also shows off a new monokini with little black masks on it. Then, we see her rev the engine to a motorcycle with a picture of her face on it! Do you think she actually rides that? And to what do we owe this racy new video? Well, it was the latest installment of #ThongThursdays which she started the week before with this photo of her in a pink thong. This new twerk video included the hashtag #TwerkDatAssThursdays. So we will get a new booty hashtag every Thursday? Seems like it. And there's more where that came from. #CamelToeWednesdays, anyone?. If you aren't following Nicki on Instagram you might want to do that, and word to the wise she just changed her name from AllPinkBarbieDreamHouse to plainly NickiMinaj. But be careful, not all these posts are PG friendly. And we end with a note to Miley Cyrus: the ball is now in your court. Beat that twerk video! Tell me what you guys think of it? And does twerking need to go away by now? I'm Misty Kingma, thanks so much for watching ClevverMusic with your popular music news.