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    Resident Evil Meets The Walking Dead (VKMTV)

    joe petty

    by joe petty

    What happens when Rick Grimes and Leon Kennedy get together at a local bar?
    Are you team Resident Evil or Team Walking Dead? Or do you just love zombies from any source.

    Rick and Leon meet at a bar.

    *Pan Around dark seedy bar, At the counter, shot gunning drinks is Wesker

    *At Table As Leon Sits down at table as Rick looks up from his drink, a beat up looking shotgun also should be on the table*

    Leon - "Long day huh?"
    Rick - "Yeah"
    Leon - "You certainly are a ray of sun light"
    Rick - "We can't all be as perfect as you Leon. *Rick raises Eyebrow* Why is your hair so flawless? *Cut to Leon Running his hands through his hair* It 's kind of pissing me off just looking at it. If you must now, I'm just reflecting about all the death I've seen. Have you ever had to kill your best friend?"
    Leon - "I'm not sure I ever have had a best friend. Just a few girls I see from time to time."
    Rick - "Oh like your dating"
    Leon - "No, like I see them on my missions no matter where I am in the world. *Cut to Leon in Chinese marketplace, and have Chris Redfield *walk up and wave to him* Say I'm in a remote area of China, 70 percent chance I'll run into Chris Roid rage Redfield. *Cut Back to table* I was pretty close to a guy once. Then I had to shoot him.".
    Rick - I know whats thats like.
    *Leon eyes glow and get wide*
    Leon - Oh was your friend also THE PRESIDENT!
    Rick - Just an ex horn dog cop who went nuts and tried to kill me.
    Leon - My friend Jack Krauser injected himself with a parasitic organism called los plagas, became a roided out freak and tried to kill me.
    Rick - Did he ever leave you for dead, sleep with your wife and possibly be the real father of your new baby?
    *Rick shotguns down rest of his drink as Leon looks appalled*
    Leon - Seriously? That's messed up.
    Rick - Hey can I ask you how you have so much ammo all the time? How can you travel with it?
    Leon - How do you do it?
    *Close up on both characters eyes in a stare down*
    Rick - Fair Point.
    *Rick stares hard at Leon's uniform, Leon looks back with a puzzled look*
    Leon - I see your a cop, I was one to for all of one day.
    Rick - A day? Not too good at the job were you.
    Leon - Zombies kind of ruined the party.
    Rick - We like to call them the walkers or biters.
    Leon - That's dumb, but than again I still couldn't tell you even know what a los plaga truly is. Just be thankful you haven't ran into other mutations.
    Rick - We had this one guy who used to be part of our group whose hands are were also weapons.
    Leon - Like a freak with a chainsaw arm and a straw bag over his head? *Slides over Polaroid to Ric* *
    Rick - No, he's just a racist with Knife attached.
    *Slides over Polaroid to Leon*
    Leon - A Knife….OOOOOh I'm so scarred.
    Rick - We can't all have a mystery merchant selling us guns and ammo everywhere we go.
    Leon - That's a fair point, I guess it's just nice to have someone keeping me armed to the tee during my missions.
    Rick - Missions? You mean you get to go home?
    Leon - Yeah, I assume I do. I don't recall ever having down time, but I have to think I get to eventually relax.
    Rick - I have to sleep in a prison with a baby, my son who disappears all the time, an asian kid, an old farmer and his daughters, a widowed lady with a zombie kid i shot, a red neck, female booker t with a sword and an now it's become essentially an old folks home.
    Leon - That sounds depressing.
    Rick - I've been having psychotic breakdowns since my son shot my wife in the head after she gave birth. and that's the highlight of my day.
    Leon - That puts my having to help my friend Helena kill her mutating sister to shame.
    Rick - Yeah, nothing like watching a sister kill her sister.
    Leon - Seriously you to?
    Rick - Whats the odds.
    Leon - You ever kill a kid that turned over
    Rick - Yup
    Leon - Run out in a hoard of zombies to get needed ammo?
    Rick - Yup.
    Leon - Deal with a psychotic cult leader?
    Rick - Hellz yeah.
    *Leon Rick fist pound*
    Leon - Drinks on me, I got enough rubies to pay for drinks all night. I just sold mad African jewels.