Tommy Emmanuel - Classical gas

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12 commentaires

Par Patrick Melting live TV il y a 6 ans
Excellent =), trop bon les harmoniques.
Par Alexandre il y a 6 ans
:o une des meilleures prestations du génie australien...
Par windaro il y a 6 ans
Dude, wake up. At Tommy's guitar you can hear 4 guitars playing at the same time. Duncan Howlett may have a potential but he is way to far from Tommy's masterpieceful playing. Although who cares who plays better, music really matters.
Keep it up Tommy. I listen to your playing almost everyday in my car or by the cup of coffee late evening.
Par wombata il y a 7 ans
I thought this version was truly awful untill I heard one by Duncan Howlett that is dreadful.You both deserve to burn in hell for these interpretations of what is a fab tune when played well.
Par mez67 il y a 7 ans
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