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    LEGO Batman 2 free download


    by KarenMSlone

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    Little Info About The Game:
    The LEGO games are an interesting bunch. While appearing on the outside as a childish game, beneath those layers you begin to uncover a game that has much more to offer than innocent gameplay and cutesy LEGOs. This is particularly the case with LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, a sequel to 2008's highly successful LEGO Batman: The Videogame. Taking what LEGO Batman did right, Batman 2 improves upon it in every way.
    The LEGO games are known for their brilliant use of pantomiming to deliver story. While this is tradition for all of Traveller's Tales' LEGO games, this is one point where the original LEGO Batman suffered. Noticing this setback, TT for the first time has added voice acting in LEGO Batman 2.
    I initially feared I'd miss the cuteness of pantomime and LEGO facial expressions, but upon playing, I realized that the humor is still present. If anything, character voice-overs add to humor, as the banter between the various heroes provide some witty dialogue. Not to mention, the gestures of our mini LEGO heroes remains hilarious.
    One thing dialogue does allow is a coherent narrative, but while given the ability to deliver now, I can't say it really made that much of a difference. I understand that the plot can't be too complicated due to the relative simplicity of the concept, but I don't honestly feel the voice-overs contributed to the shallow chase of Batman and the Joker. It's a nice addition, but not something the story required.
    Gameplay remains the same as previous LEGO titles, for the most part. You play through linear levels filled with LEGO-based puzzles. These typically include smashing constructed LEGOs and rebuilding them into useful objects or unlocking the different character suits that are used to solve future puzzles.