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    2013-07-20 Dereck Chisora vs Malik Scott

    Ryan Bivins

    by Ryan Bivins

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    Hon Olaniyan Oluwasegun
    Every thing counts wrongfully, the Commentators were not sincere, judges, Referee did not act professional, even the Camera Operator/Director were biers. Malik Scott was pretty good 2go. Everyone(Officials)) were expecting such to happen. Even if you have different constitution aside International Standard Regulations, the authority ought to had e-mailed him days ahead. Internationally, 10 is the last count, even when the opponent is laid on the ring just have to count appropriately.1- The Referee is competent but something went wrong with him, may be "he got part of the punch". He didn't start from "1" and he didn't stop @ 10! So unprofessional of him.2- The commentators know's that the reputation of the REFEREE is at stake, they were just beating about the bush.3- The judges and representatives taking the points were too silent that simply means something is fishy.4- Camera Director refused to give Referee GOOD AUDIO QUALITY but the count were made by the commentator that counted on replay said, "he(Scott) was smiling initially and just want to girder himself" and after Referee's POOR AUDIO QUALITY the Commentator that counted, counts to NINE(9) and later said Nine&half(9 & 1/2) to TEN(10).SCOTT, you are good, fighting against many, is just one thing YOU HAVE NOT BEEN THOUGHT, WHEN YOU ARE FIGHTING OPPONENT, YOU ARE FIGHTING, EVERYONE (The Officials). You have acted Professional by controlling your mood team and environment, nice one! Yes! the PUNCH got you at the back of your Head which you truly need 5 seconds rest @list and that you did, BRAVO! There is always another time.As for me, YOUR RECORD REMAINS INTACT. So many things contributed to this factor which i believe the officials can never disclose.