Tom Rock & His Orchestra - My Love For You


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This appears to be a pseudonym for Fred Rich. Frederic "Fred" Rich (1898-1956) was a Polish-born American bandleader and composer who was active from the 20s to the 50s. He worked a.o with the Dorsey Bros, J. Venuti, B. Berigan and B.Goodman. Rich was a pianist and he formed his own band in the 20s. Between 1925-1928, he toured Europe. Rich enjoyed a long stay at the famous Waldorf-Astoria in New York. After this, he led a studio band and was a musical director for various radio stations and in 1942, he moved onto a staff position with United Artists Studios in Hollywood, where he was to remain for most of his career. In 1945, Rich was badly injured. As a result, he suffered from partial paralysis. Despite this, Rich continued to lead studio bands into the 50s. Rich has a number of song credits to his name, including “Blue Tahitian Moonlight,” “Time Will Tell” and “On The Riviera.” He also wrote scores for many movies. This lovely song was recorded in 1930. Vocal by Smith Ballew.

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Thank you Ginny for your comment I was notified of but that vanished. Those glitches are incredible!
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
Thank you Genia! As you say, Fred Rich's orchestra had a wonderful sound and so was Smith Ballew... he always had that refined and polished style :-) So glad you loved the presentation!
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
Love Fred Rich, his orchestra was FAB and Smith is Sensational...
Fabulous post and all the portraits of the Handsome Smith. especially the one with
the saddle shoes. :-)
Thank you...
Par Genia l'année dernière