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    July 19th, 2013 Live Stream Archive


    by LinusTechTips

    After Party!
    Razer Comms!

    2:56 Google glass got L337zor H4Xored
    12:47 Moto x will be listening to all of your commands
    23:00 Logan joins us!
    23:43 Snowden has an instruction manual for how the NSA operates
    30:32 HBO asks google to remove a link to VLC (DMCA Takedown)
    33:08 Politics
    37:48 i7-4960X preview!
    46:00 Adobe flash player shoving extra unwanted software in your face
    55:06 League of Legends is now an official sport in the US
    1:00:00 Oculus Rift Will NOT be availiable on next gen consoles
    1:03:55 Microsft is down 11.4% in shares today...
    1:11:45 Apple blocks off 300Million potential customers
    1:21:50 Internet anonymity
    1:26:49 HTC One Mini
    1:32:50 Silverstone AIO liquid cooler review
    1:38:28 Samsung 840 EVO drive
    1:40:10 Format changes to the WAN show
    1:42:50 Thunderbolt vs USB
    1:49:30 Elon Musk's Hyperloop
    1:55:40 Build logs of the week!