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    The Quest for Exercise Pill Continues

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A team of scientists looking into making a pill that replicates the effects of exercise say they’ve had great successes, but have hit a snag.

    As exciting and promising as a pill that produces the same results as a grueling, time-consuming workout sounds, a team of scientists is saying their plan still has some kinks.

    But their report from a recent body of tests is encouraging.

    The researchers injected fat mice with a muscle protein-activating compound, and for a while the rodents really did lose weight and lower their cholesterol

    Plus, even though they were lazier than they’d ever been they were burning more calories than the non-juiced mice.

    When they injected some different mice that actually exerted a little effort and took a spin on the treadmill, they found that those subjects had greater endurance.

    So where’s the downside? It’s still a long way off and may not even be an actual possibility for humans, with health concerns and possible doping being cited.

    Couch potato jokes aside, an author of the study expressed that the drug could be greatly beneficial for those with disabilities and illnesses that make physical exertion impossible.

    The report also mentioned that the protein studied could prove to be valuable in the treatment of muscle diseases including heart problems.