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    Woman Trapped Behind Walls Thought to Be Ghost

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    One woman's cries for help initially went unanswered because people thought she was a ghost. She left stuck between two walls for a total of seven hours.

    Anytime you hear a voice calling for help, it’s a good idea to investigate. Unfortunately for one woman, her cries initially went unanswered because listeners thought she was a ghost.

    A Chinese woman was left stuck between two walls for a total of seven hours. The unidentified lady got trapped after using a narrow passage between two walls as a shortcut during her route home.

    However she didn’t realize the corridor got more and more cramped the farther she traveled. The woman tried pounding on the walls to get attention. She also screamed for help.

    Nearby residents reportedly heard her screams, but thought the yells were coming from a ghost, so they opted to do nothing.

    A pedestrian on the street eventually passed by and heard the cries. That person realized there was a person behind the wall, rather than a spirit.

    Rescue crews were sent to the scene and it took them about half an hour to break down the concrete wall and get the woman out.
    Her clothing was ripped and it was clear she had a long, traumatizing ordeal, but she was thankfully still alive