Lubricants Receive Kosher Certification

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A line of personal lubricants is made to meet the kosher standards. 95% of ‘Wet’ lubricants and intimate items recently became kosher.

We've all heard of Kosher food products but how about kosher lubricant?

95% of the ‘Wet’ brand of lubricants and intimate items were recently certified kosher.

The products which are manufactured by Trigg Labs qualified as kosher following a 2-year long ordeal of rabbinic certification. As part of the process, every ingredient and piece of equipment at the 52,000 square-foot manufacturing facility was subject to “Kosherization” procedures and reviews.

The packaging for the sexual wellness products now has the letter ‘K’ on the back, certifying the items are kosher. The founder of ‘Wet’, Michael Trigg stated “With Kosher certification, in the coming months, we plan to introduce Wet® in Israel. The ‘K’ imprint on our packages says that we maintain the highest standards of purity and answer to a higher authority.”

After the lengthy and complicated process, Wet has now become the only kosher certified personal lubricant in both Canada and the United States. Kosher Wet products are scheduled to appear on the market within the next three months.