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    Queensland Set to Rake in $8M After Tightening Speeding Tolerance

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    The government in Queensland, Australia not long ago tightened the margin for speeding in its 40 mile-per-hour zones and as a result stands to rake in an extra 90 million dollars.

    Speeding laws around the world are constantly debated, with some insisting they promote safety, while others believe they are merely revenue driven.

    The government in Queensland, Australia recently tightened the margin for speeding over the limit in its 40 miles per hour zones, and it has been estimated they will rake in an additional 8 million dollars.

    The Police Minister insists that the change was for the sake of safety, not profits.

    Nonetheless, within the first week of the new guides being put into effect, citations for speeding went up nearly 20 percent.

    The police department attributes the significant increase to the greater presence of police handing out violations.

    And the Police Minister added that the preferred situation would be to not have to issue any speeding tickets at all.

    A police representative reminded the public that the posted speed limit is the maximum allowed by law, not a recommendation.

    The previous margin was originally set higher to make up for the errors inherent in the state’s aging cameras.

    Going forward, the speed tolerances will be adjusted in relation to the numbers of tickets issued and auto accidents.