'The Amazing Spider-Man' MJ Exit & Villain Overload Addressed


by ClevverMovies

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Shailene Woodley speaks!! We finally get the real story behind the actresses deleted scenes from The Amazing Spider Man 2, and why Marc Webb promises that there aren't too many villains! First up, Shailene sets the record straight in a sitdown interview with Movies.com. The actress was promoting her new young adult movie adaptation called Divergent alongside her co-star Theo James, and she was asked point blank about what really happened that led to her Spiderman character, Mary Jane Watson, getting cut from the movie. The actress said quote "Mary Jane was in four scenes in the whole film? They're introducing so many new characters, it really didn't make sense to introduce such a vital character to the comic books in a movie that had so much else going on, so theyre holding off for future films." And, it seems like the actresses Spiderman work will forever live on the cutting room floor, because she also said that repurposing the scenes she shot wouldn't make sense in a third film because everyone will look so different by the time they start shooting the next movie. But don't feel bad for Shailene . Her new movie, Divergent, is getting a lot of attention and many are anticipating that the success of the likely franchise will rival that of The Hunger Games in due time. And Woodley did want it to be known that she harbors no bad feelings about director, Marc Webb's decision to cut Mary Jane out saying quote "It was not a bad thing. You know, its always one of those things that people project on it to be a really negative situation but it really wasn't I think it was a very smart decision on Sony's behalf." Speaking of Marc Webb, the director spoke to SuperHero Type and echoed some of Woodley's statements saying that the reason behind pulling Mary Jane out is because he wanted to continue to develop the relationship between Gwen and Peter because quote "That's really what the movie hinges on, that's the heartbeat of the movie." Webb also wants to put fans at ease by promising that there aren't too many villains in The Amazing Spider-man 2. A lot of you had expressed some concerns about whether or not the story could be done well with Electro, The Rhino, and even potentially the Green Goblin involved. To that Webb says quote "Eh. Don't worry about it. Rhino is in a couple scenes, you know, so he's a really terrifying and a fun villain, but Electro is our main foe." So, how do we all feel about these The Amazing Spiderman 2 insights? Are you glad that Marc Webb is saving Mary Jane for the third film? And, do you trust that he can manage all of these villains in one movie? Let us know your thoughts on this down in the comments, and be sure to hit that subscribe button for us, so that we can bring you the latest Spiderman and Divergent news, when it breaks. Thank you all so much for watching ClevverMovies! Until next time, Im Erin White.