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    Barbarella ♥ Orgasmatron


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    ♥ Jane Fonda is " Barbarella " • 1968

    A science fiction lustfull symphony :
    The most outrageous sex scene of the film " Barbarella" is the one with Barbarella and the evil scientist Durand Durand. He has captured Barbarella and forces her into a giant organ ( Excessive Machine - Orgasmatron ). While Durand Durand plays his 'Sonata for Executioner and Various Young Women', the organ strips Barbarella and fondles her sexually. Of course, all the viewer sees is Barbarella's clothes sliding out of the organ down a metal chute and the increasingly funny expressions of both characters.
    Durand Durand's plan is that the ever-increasing pleasure will eventually kill Barbarella. In the end, though, she foils the scientist by breaking his Excessive Machine. It catches on fire and sparks nastily. The disappointed Barbarella must ask for yet another change of clothes to be handed into the broken machine, after which she climbs out triumphant...