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    Matsuo Shrine‎ (松尾神社) in Yamashirochō, Kyoto-fu VIM


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    The entrance to Matsuo Shrine‎ (松尾神社) in the rural area of Yamashirochō, Kyoto-fu, is situated on a hilly forest in the country side of Tsubai. Not many people come here although there is a small race track for remote controlled racing cars next to the temple grounds. There are small bamboo forests all around and a string of withered bamboo leaves covered the steps to the shrine.
    What is interesting is the Kaguraden or the place where Kagura dances are performed. There are many large ema decorating its walls. Some seem quite old, as the paint is worn out by time.
    Walking around in this area, time seems to stand still, birds are chirping, farmers are tending to their fields and a peaceful atmosphere fills the air.