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    Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu’s (足利 義満) Villa: Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺)!


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    Going to Kinkaku-ji recently in early autumn was a feast for the eyes. Although the maple trees had only sporadicly turned red, there was still beauty in the landscape. After arriving at the parking grounds (huge) we followed the many visitors towards the temple. We entered a walk way bordered of with trees and on our left was a wooden construction with a large bronze gong hanging from its roof. After receiving our entrance tickets we followed along a path that was encircled by a more than 2 meter tall hedge. We turned a few corners and there it was..."The Golden Pavilion" in all of its splendour. It was impressive to say the least, surrounded by the water of the pond, people everywhere, trying to take their picture with the temple behind them. When going there, one has to be prepared to cope with the multitude of fellow tourist, local as well as from all corners of the globe. Visitors from China and Taiwan, to name a bare few, are popular in the temple.