Artist Offers Tomato Reward for Stolen Dolls

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Two vertical posts, dressed up as dolls were swiped from the side of Stuart Highway in Australia. The artist behind the dolls has offered anyone with information about the culprit two ripe, garden tomatoes.

We've all heard stories about human abductions but how about abduction of dolls?

A reward is currently being offered for information concerning two dolls which were abducted from the side of a highway in Australia. The dolls named "Ted" and "Amy" were the work of local guerilla artists including Peta Smith.

Ted and Amy were among the sixty dolls decorating a series of wooden bollards or posts at the highway rest area. They were dressed as peg dolls with paper-plate faces and wore stitched clothing.

Once it was realized that Ted and Amy were missing, Smith began campaigning to get the dolls back. She has offered a reward.

Anyone with information about the abductor will receive two ripe, garden tomatoes. Smith claimed the reward is precious as she hasn’t grown many tomatoes recently.

She has released a description of the dolls. Smith noted “Ted is obviously male with a good beard. Ted was in his pajamas. That would be awkward for him. Amy had long pink hair and wings, with an Australian gum nut frock.”

The artist said the dolls were an interpretation of clothed peg creations she once made as a child.