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    2013 is gearing up to be the year of Beyoncé- here's some Sasha Fierce facts you may not know! What's up guys? I'm Misty bringing you all of the latest and greatest music news. It's no secret that we here at ClevverMusic are guilty of bowing down to the Queen, as we know many of you are as well. So we took the liberty of bringing you some fun, fierce facts about Beyoncé that those of you who are part of the Beyhive might not know! So what was the hottest scoop that we uncovered? Did you know that some people have not always appreciated the class and beauty of Sasha Fierce? Crazy, I know. Well, back in the day, Bey was actually teased by her grade school classmates for having big ears. Now, we don't see any big ears underneath Beyoncé's luscious locks, so we're assuming that those bullies are probably regretting their childhood taunting. However, while she was being teased, Bey was already beginning to grow into the star that she is today. At age 7, young Beyoncé beat out fifteen and sixteen year olds to win the school talent show with a rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine." Now, fast forward to the Destiny's Child days when the group came out with their hit song "Bootylicious." Although the track had a catchy tune, it also presented some deeper issues. Beyoncé revealed in a Q&A with GQ in February 2013 that the song is in part a response to rumors from the media claiming that Bey had gained weight. She wrote the song to say, 'I'm a Southern woman, and this is how Southern women are." And we say, good for you Bey, you tell 'em. From strong and empowering to a Twitter sensation, the singer then became a Guinness Book of World Records record holder in 2011, when she announced her pregnancy during an unforgettable performance at the MTV VMAs. The Twitter reactions to her big news earned Beyoncé the title for causing the most tweets per second in a given weekend. Most recently, Beyoncé has been touring the country on The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, donning plenty of fabulous, flesh-revealing outfits. With such a rocking body, can you believe that the singer's favorite indulgence on the road is pizza? Bey also revealed to GQ that she does, in fact, snack on a slice or two here and there without guilt, considering that she spends two hours straight dancing on stage during each performance. Well guys, hope ya learned something you didn't already know—and I'm sure you know a lot. Tell us below a fun fact you know about Ms. Fierce. And be sure to subscribe to ClevverMusic if you haven't already to hear more about Beyoncé and the rest of your favorite music celebrities. Thanks for watching guys, and I'll be back with more music news very soon.